Fernhill Fleece & Fibre 

Fine coloured lambs wool fleeceExtensive research has revealed the true uniqueness of our fibres and we are now making it easier for your to get your hands on our woolly resources. Fleeces, rovings and lustrous yarns in native colours are available now from our online shop, Fernhill Fleece & Fibre on Folksy.

Raw Fleece

In addition to those available on the online shop, we also sell freshly shorn fleeces in all the native colours straight from the shearing boards.

Pure Shetland and coloured Romney are colourfully diverse, and the Mendip Smashem offers the whitest of fleeces glowing with true lustre. Our lambs wool is super soft and available by the kilogram in pure white, dark brown or mixed shades of native greys. Contact us to find out what breeds and quantities we have available – we love to welcome those interested to the farm by appointment to see the fleeces in person.

Yarn and Roving

New for 2015 was our Shetland yarn on cone, hank or balls – perfect for over-dying, free style knitting, cloth weaving and ready for our snood workshops. All these are available in our online shop.

Snood workshops using Fernhill Fleece & Fibre Lopi yarn

Contact us directly if you're interested in becoming a stockist of our superior fine fibres with full traceability to this farm and surrounding areas.

Organic Wool Washing

We have facilities on the farm to organically wash fleece to order. Any fleece bought from us can be washed in this way – just request it at the time of ordering and be prepared to wait a while longer to get your beautiful clean fleece! Please contact us for rates and lead times.

Suint washing is a fermentation process that involves soaking the fleece for a couple of weeks in rainwater while the microbes in the water remove the mud and dirt from the fleece while leaving the natural oils in the fleece intact. This is a perfect way to clean fleece for crafts if you like to work with greasy fleece but would rather the accrued soil from the fields is removed. The waste water is then used on the vegetable beds on the farm, adding natural fertilisation back into the earth.





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