Meat Boxes

The Fernhill Farm Food Experience

Cows on DoleburyWe breed & home rear pedigree Aberdeen Angus beef cattle, roaming alongside pure Shetland & Romney sheep

Grazing natural Mendip Hill pastures rich with herbs & rare grasses, our livestock form part of the Conservation Grazing ambitions for Dolebury Warren Hill Fort

Our pedigree Saddleback pigs rotate between our gardens & woodlands living extensively as our cultivators while tending the turf

Know where your meat comes from ~ taste the texture, the real muscle is lean & healthy, sweet and juicy

Selected cuts and mixed boxes available to order

 Aberdeen Angus
Aberdeen Angus Beef
10kg boxes @ £12.90/kg:
  • Sirloin and Rump Steaks
  • Braising & Stewing Steak
  • Mince Meat
  • Prime Roasts & Slow Roasts


Extra cuts individually priced: Sausages,Prime Burgers, Whole fillets, Salt Beef, Bresaola
Shetland Lamb and Mutton 
Nomadic Shepherd moving lambs onto fresh pastures

Nomadic Shepherd moving lambs onto fresh pastures

Half Lambs @ £11.50/Kg
Whole & half Legs & Shoulders
Boned & rolled Loins
Loin Chops
Extra’s individually priced:
Whole Lambs for BBQ
Mutton & Rosemary Sausages
Diced Lamb
Pedigree Saddleback fresh & cured Pork  
Saddleback sows with piglets in the jungle

Saddleback sows with piglets in the jungle

Mixed boxes from £7/kg – £10/kg
Loin & Belly Chops
Scored Legs with or without bone
Bacon 500g / 1kg
Hams cooked & sliced
Mendip Airdried Ham

All our fresh meat products are vacuum packed & labelled ready for the freezer

Ordering your Meat Box

Please call to discuss specific orders, to arrange your collection or send details via our Contact page


Please Note – Prices reflect market values & may change