Wool for a Better World

Here on the farm we have a new addition to the team in the form of Marina, who is taking care of all things wool (once it’s off the sheep!). She shares her thoughts on her introduction to the farm and its values.

People and land need healing which is all inclusive – holistic,” Allan Savory.

Coming from a textile and craft background, my first encounter with Fernhill Farm was buying a fleece to hand-spin into yarn. Finding wool that’s local and comes from an ethical background was a priority, and it was a bonus that the fleece was amazing quality.

Now that I’ve joined the team, it’s really important know more about the farm itself and how the wool fits into the bigger picture. As part of my first fortnight, I was fortunate to participate in a Holistic Management training session run by 3LM.

For those unfamiliar with it, Holistic Management is an approach to agriculture developed by ecologist Allan Savory, founder of the Savory Institute. Its original aim – to reverse desertification – has been expanded to create a system to heal land through planned grazing and informed decision-making.

On Fernhill Farm this approach is fundamental to regenerate the land and create produce with positive environmental impact. By planning grazing in a way that mimics nature and puts nutrients back into the soil, we ensure that the livestock get the full benefit of the grass they eat.

Fernhill Fleece & Fibre wool yarnsWhen it comes to the wool we produce, these healthy sheep grow strong, luxurious fleeces that are much more than the by-product they’re often considered to be. Warm, often soft, durable and biodegradable, wool is an environmentally friendly alternative to pervasive, damaging synthetic fibres.

By offering a range of wool products, from fleece straight off the sheep’s back and yarn for crafters to meticulously woven scarves and blankets, we hope to bring the benefit of this natural fibre to everyone.

We’re looking forward to our spring Blade Shearing Tournament on 24th March, where shearers from all over the world shear our sheep in speed and style, using traditional blade shears. It’s a great day for all the family – we’ll tell you more in an upcoming post. And with the wool that’s shorn, we’re excited to develop our range of yarn, accessories and gifts! Is there anything you’d like to see made from our wool? We’d love to hear about it! Let us know by emailing me.

To see our current range of completely UK-made, transparently produced wool products, check out our online shop.

Find out more about Holistic Management and how you can get involved in the UK with 3LM.