Spring 2018 Blade Shearing Tournament

Blade Shearing Tournament is back for our second Spring competition on the 24th March 2018

Delighted that we are also hosting the Wrington & Burrington Hedging Society Competition here on the same day for a really unique day out on the Hill involving all things sharp for cutting edge entertainment !!

Fabulous to welcome back Come Bye and Away Sheepdog Beginners Trails running out their dogs again right outside the Shearing Shed for spectators to enjoy

Here is what to expect:

Wednesday to Friday ~ practice your skills on 800 ewes where Shearers sharpen / warm up ready for the big day

Marquees erected in the Hedging field, fences down and signs going up around the farm for day visitors to follow the trails

FHF team preparing to host this growing Open Event Day

Dog circuit and shedding pens erected

Saturday 24th is Competition Day

This is a free entry event that includes the usual fleece sales, pop-up wool shop and wool craft workshops including Peg Looming, French Knitting & Needle Felting

The shearing Shed will host 3 or 4 rounds of competitions for Novice, Intermediate, Ladies (maybe) and the OPEN final starting from 9am to finish with Presentations around 5:30pm

Hedgers starting 9am with Presentations at 3:30pm in their usual Tea Tent in the field with bar drinks and food available

Working Sheep Dogs running out most of the day

New – Interactive Farm Walks where we invite you to hike around the farm to discover historic and ecological points of interest on our new Discovery Trail – suitable for all ages and abilities OFF ROAD

Usual ‘off the hoof’ food, licensed bar, music & mingling

Bar opens and hot food available in Shearing Shed from midday until 6pm – then the gangs move to our cosy Camping Barn Venue to relish in the days delights enjoying Hot & Sweet Mendip Mutton Curry & a jar or two of cider

NEW – Sunday 25th we are offering an introduction to Shearing, Wool Handling and Wool Grading

Andy and Jen sharing their knowledge of sheep shearing and finding a use for all parts of the fleece

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Please contact us to pre-book B&B and dinners