Holistic management training programme

Holistic Management Training Programme at Fernhill Farm, 10-Month Programme

Join us at Fernhill Farm, where we will form a 10-month learning cohort for an in-depth study of Holistic Management. The aim of this comprehensive programme is to enable you to be fully equipped to implement Holistic Management in your context. We cover all 5 modules of Holistic Management:

Benefits of a 10-month programme:

  • LEARN FROM OTHERS. Become part of a like-minded cohort, where learning from the experiences of others is designed-in.
  • CONFIDENCE. Go in-depth and build your confidence to apply Holistic Management on your farm.
  • PRACTICAL. Prepare plans in-class with the support of trainers so you can apply your learning immediately.
  • ASSIMILATE. Take it in bite-size chunks over 10 months so you can fully assimilate one module before moving on to the next.
  • SUPPORT. Receive telephone support from trainers over 10 months.
  • ACCREDITATION PATHWAY. If you are on the Savory Institute Accredited pathway, this programme meets all your face-to-face training requirements.

Note: If you have already completed the Foundation of Holistic Management, you are welcome to attend any of the 5 modules being offered at Fernhill Farm

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