Access Bars Training Day Sunday 15th January

Happy New Year!
May it be the brightest and most brilliant year for you!
A reminder of a fabulous event next week in Somerset at Fernhill Farm
A certified day’s training in the blissful Access Consciousness Bars
Access Consciousness is all about being present without judgment. Freeing up energy so we can blast through our limitations and cultivate a life full of possibilities, fun and if us, just enjoying being ourselves…
Life is challenging and difficult sometimes. What would it be like for us to have the tools to navigate those challenges with ease. Yes please!
Imagine if we could teach our children this early in their lives…we can!
Your mind = your reality
Science tells us that if our central nervous
System can really unwind and relax, if the stress responses (stresses from being a normal busy modern day person that take their toll on our minds and bodies) will let go for long enough – the body has a incredible ability to heal…which means the mind/emotions/spirit can all rest easily.
The treatment that you’ll learn is one of the most effective ways I have ever experienced to get people quickly into a deeply relaxed state. It’s so cool. You can share this with friends, family and paying clients (if you wish) of any age after this day’s course.
Keeping it simple… always the best way!
For Adults and Children
Adults £190 (£95 if repeating the class)
Children 15 years and younger – FREE
Teenagers 16 to 18 years – HALF PRICE
Training includes manuals and charts to help you practice after the workshop, and some yummy snacks and drinks.  Please bring your own lunch.
Please let me know if you’re interested.
Payment can be make in 2 instalments over 2 months if you’d like that option.
Feel free to call me for a chat if you want to know more about it!
You can have your cake, and eat it, and BE THE CAKE!!
Much love
Anya xxx
07710 258 673