3 Day Lime pointing Course with Ian Ward

Lime Mortar: A Practical Guide

Friday – Sunday  3rd-5th March

A three day course covering the preparation, placing and tending of pointing and mortar repairs. This essential ingredient in building construction and repair is notoriously easy to misuse, often leading to a variety of hard to fix future problems such as damp and decay. This course will offer a comprehensive grounding in the ingredients, mixes and appropriate applications of mortar to enable confident use in all future projects. It will be a practical guide suitable for those in the building trade, those looking to take on their own home repairs or anyone who would like some clarity in this often crucially misunderstood yet vital practice. Materials and tools will be provided alongside industry experts to give on site instruction and precise material recommendations for all projects.

Food and refreshments will be provided all day by the kitchens at Fernhill. Their in house chef offers a wide variety of meals in a great many styles, all made with produce either from the farm itself or locally sourced from the surrounding area. Overnight accommodation is also available throughout the course, across Fernhill’s many comfy, creative and charming habitation options.

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