Arcs built for sale

Nomadic Bedrooms ~ Office ~ Work Space

As well as renting our Arcs we can also build them for sale to you

Where they can then be moved to a new home wherever that may be

These make a wonderful space for the family as workshops, office or general escape when peace and tranquillity is desired

Fully mobile within your own property, they have a heavy duty chassis and all terrain wheels




Arc bedroomDSCN0105













The Concept

  • The materials used are organically washed Fernhill Farm wool for fully insulating warmth
  • Timbers can be reclaimed, recycled, locally sourced or home cut wood where possible
  • Bespoke design by nomadic shepherd & crafty collection of skilled craftsmen
  • Electric hook up can include 12V, mains or solar panels
  • Internal heating can be supplied via log burners, electric heating & towel rails
  • Curved steel roof in various colours
  • You can design the interior style
  • 8′ x 16′ x 8′ = +1000sq’
  • 4.8m x 2.4m x 2.4m which gives you 25 cubic metres of space

The price would be about £16,000 +VAT = £19.200 in total